Moisture Modelling on Speckel

Moisture modelling, or hygrothermal modelling, is an advanced simulation method called Heat and Moisture Transfer (HAMT). The HAMT model takes into account various influential factors such as temperature gradients, humidity differentials, material properties, airflow patterns, and vapour pressure differentials. By incorporating these variables, the model accurately predicts the behaviour of heat and moisture transfer across different layers of a building assembly, including walls, roofs, floors, and insulation materials.

Below and on the following pages is a step-by-step overview of the inputs required for our moisture simulations. All inputs are based on ASHRAE 160/ DA07, in line with National Construction Code 2022 requirements. These can also be used for New Zealand. A typical wall is modelled in less than 10 minutes, including simulations, results and reporting.

Need a Project already modelled to get going? No problems. Drop us a line (, and we will copy a Moisture Project into your account.

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