Select HVAC Templates

An HVAC template is a pre-defined, high-level object that defines Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems for building energy modelling. They allow users to define complex HVAC systems using simplified, high-level inputs automatically generating detailed, low-level objects. This can be a significant time saver and reduce the risk of errors that could occur when manually defining a large number of low-level objects.

Each HVAC template requires different parameters to be specified, depending on the type of HVAC system or component being defined. These might include things like the heating and cooling capacities, the efficiency of the equipment, the type of fuel used, and the control strategies, among other details.

HVAC templates can be connected to Spaces. For example, when an HVAC template is selected and has multiple air handling units, these can be connected to each Space and then specified at the Plant HVAC.

EnergyPlus HVAC Templates

EnergyPlus templates are available on all Plans.

Other HVAC Templates

Only available on Enterprise Plans. Please reach out to for further support.

Select an HVAC Template

To select an HVAC Template, navigate to 'HVAC' and click 'Select Template' in the Schematic ribbon. Next, under 'Template', select a preferred template, noting that those ending in 'EnergyPlus HVACTemplate' are simplified systems suitable for building code compliance or early-stage design.

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