Create a Project

A Project is created from your Dashboard. Once created, it provides your Project with default requirements for building code compliance and other workflow requirements. All Projects are typically added to a single Team to maintain organisation and streamline collaboration.

To get started, click on the '+ Create Project' button. Next, you'll connect your Project to a specific Team by selecting the Team you created earlier. The example below connects you to the Team ' My Office'. This ensures seamless collaboration within your designated Team.

Once you've connected your Project to your Team, it's time to fill in the unique Project information, including the Project Title, Project Code, Location, Number of Storeys, Floor to Floor Height, Building Code, Building Class and Climate. This step is crucial as it allows us to map your requirements to the relevant local building code automatically. With this automation in place, you will save valuable time and effort by letting us do the code compliance busy work.

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