Add Equipment Loads

Equipment in a building serves as the heat source, impacting the energy balance of each zone, influencing heating or cooling loads. This contributes to the overall energy consumption. Represented by power density (W/m²), equipment includes appliances, electronics, and electrically powered devices. Power density varies based on space use.

For instance, residential areas range from 2-10 W/m², encompassing devices like TVs and kitchen appliances. General offices range from 5-15 W/m², while data-intensive offices with numerous computers may reach 10-20 W/m². Commercial kitchens have higher densities (50-200 W/m²), and industrial settings exhibit a wide power density range, from low to extremely high values depending on machinery and processes.

Equipment Loads (W/m²) or (W)

To define Equipment Loads (W/m²) or (W), navigate to 'Spaces' and select the 'Default' Space. Then navigate to 'Equipment'. Next, use the Equipment slider to set the W for the Space. 'Latent', 'Radiant' and 'Loss' Fractions can also be specified.

Heat Gains from Electric Equipment

The heat generated by electric equipment results in zone loads, with the electrical input transforming into heat. This heat is categorised into four fractions: Fraction Latent, Fraction Radiant, Fraction Lost, and a fourth fraction representing heat convected to the zone air. The convected fraction is calculated as 1.0 minus the sum of the Fraction Latent, Fraction Radiant, and Fraction Lost. It's crucial to avoid exceeding a total fraction value of 1.0, as an error message will be triggered otherwise.

Latent Fractions

The Latent Fraction pertains to the portion of the HVAC system load associated with moisture removal. Specify the Latent Fraction as a decimal number between 0.0 and 1.0, defining the latent heat proportion emitted by electric equipment in a zone.

Radiant Fraction

The Radiant Fraction addresses the transfer of heat through radiation. Specify the Fraction Radiant Fraction within the 0.0 to 1.0 range, characterising the long-wave radiant heat emitted by electric equipment in a zone.

Loss Fraction

The Loss Fraction signifies energy lost within the HVAC system. Specify the Fraction Lost as a decimal between 0.0 and 1.0, quantifying the proportion of "lost" heat from electric equipment in a zone.

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