Training and Workshops

Do I need to attend a Speckel Workshop to provide JV3 modelling as a service?

Subject to experience, but typically yes. Speckel Workshops focus on building knowledge and competence in the design and specification of buildings. Suppose you are already an experienced building simulation practitioner (+ 5 years). In that case, you should be able to use our Building Assessment App with enough confidence to produce JV3 outputs. The question then turns to, "How do I know it's correct?". This is where the workshops kick in.

Do Speckel Workshops provide certification for JV3 modelling?

Speckel Workshops focus on building knowledge and competence in building design and specification of buildings. Our workshops are not a formal recognition of knowledge delivered by a third party but aim to allow you to use our software confidently and accurately.

How are the Speckel Workshops delivered?

Speckel Workshops are typically online and delivered via Teams. We always take the opportunity to record the workshops so attendees can revisit content afterwards.

Are Speckel Workshops death by PowerPoint?

Never. All our workshops are dynamic, presented by one of the Speckel co-founders and delivered to enhance your knowledge of what is under the hood and its outputs. We use your project information to deliver the structure of the workshop, so it is immediately relevant and can be used for your next project.

How many people can attend a Speckel Workshop?

As many as you like from within your company. Remember, more attendees often mean more questions, which can impact the workshop's outcome, and all material may not be covered.

What is a Speckel Workshop?

Speckel workshops are tailor-made workshops for teams. You could be an engineering company looking to learn more about using Speckel apps in your business or an architectural company building internal capacity. All workshops run for a maximum of 1 hour and are delivered online.

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