Variable Refrigerant Flow (incl. Outside Air)

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems with Outside Air integration expand on traditional VRF setups. They introduce the capability to incorporate outside air for ventilation, enhancing indoor air quality. This comprehensive HVAC solution efficiently regulates refrigerant flow, providing both precise temperature control and fresh outdoor air for a healthier indoor environment.

It is composed of:

The 'Select HVAC Template' form provides options, to allow you to configure the system with

  • A single VRF Condenser Unit connected to multiple VRF Terminals Units or multiple VRF Condenser Units connected to VRF Terminal Units

  • Optional connection to a central Air Handling Unit (for outside air supply)

  • A single AHU connected to multiple VRF Terminal Units or multiple AHUs connected to multiple VRF Terminal Units

  • Choice of Spaces for VRF Terminal Units

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