Essentials Plan

The Essentials Plan is crafted to meet the needs of small Projects and Teams, accommodating up to 3 seats. If your typical modelling requirements involve 300 m² or smaller buildings and you prioritise building code compliance, then the Essentials Plan is ideal.

In addition, the Essentials Plan also provides a range of features to enhance your workflows and elevate project delivery. These include duplication of Projects and Designs, branded Themes for your reporting, and other convenient features to improve efficiency and streamline work processes.



AU$119 /month

AU$99 /month/annum

  • 3 seats

  • Energy modelling

  • Daylight modelling

  • Carbon modelling

  • Reporting

Most features. Model's < 300 m². More.

The Details

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From carbon and thermal bridging to full building energy (EnergyPlus) and daylight (Radiance) simulations, our plans are packed full of features.

Payment plans are month-to-month or annual. If you go month-to-month, you can cancel anytime, and you lose access to your projects. Don't worry; all you need to do is sign up again to regain access. Unlock more features with our Practice or Enterprise Plans. Enjoy a 20% discount with annual subscriptions. Upgrade today!

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