Construction (A4 - A5)

The Construction Stages (A4-A5) relate to the transportation of construction materials to the site and the construction process.

A4 - Transport to Site: Includes transportation of construction materials from the manufacturing site or warehouse to the construction site. It includes the energy used and emissions produced by the vehicles involved in this transport. Decisions such as sourcing local materials or products with a higher density of delivery (more products per truck) can influence the emissions at this stage.

A5 - Construction Installation Process: Includes the energy and emissions associated with building components' onsite assembly and installation. The processes that take place during this stage could range from simple tasks like painting and wiring to more energy-intensive activities like welding and concrete pouring.

A4 - Transport to Site

Aligning to EN15978 Standard, embodied carbon assumptions for transporting materials and products (A4) from the factory gate to the building site are set at a material level, defaulting to 1000 km per material if unknown.

A4 - Transport to Site - Detailed (A4)

Under A4 Transport, nominate a typical (all materials) or detailed (each material) transport emission strategy, including 'transport mode', 'truck size (if applicable)', 'distance' and 'duration'. A 'Return Trip' can also be nominated, where an unladen return trip is considered for this transport leg. Then select 'Create'.

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