Data And Security

Is my data secure?

Using AWS Could Security, Speckel secures your data via a network architected to protect your personal information, identities, applications, and devices is provided. Speckel Support can access your private project or design data upon written request. We choose not to share any data or resell data in any form. Backups are performed daily, so the risk of data loss is very low.

Can Speckel see my project Information?

Only if you want us to. In a support capacity, we may ask to access your project information to check a design or offer further support. In these cases, we obtain your verbal consent and can access your project. Otherwise, your project data is well, your project data! Read more about our Privacy Policy.

Does Speckel support all browsers?

Our primary testing is undertaken within Chromium-based browsers. The Chromium codebase is widely used. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, Opera, and many other browsers are based on the code. Firefox and Safari are generally less supported but unlikely to cause significant performance or general experience issues.

Will my internet connection impact the use of Speckel?

If you are accessing Speckel from a remote location with slow connection speeds or are connecting to your phone for Wi-Fi, you may experience a reduction in performance. This would be no different for any other website. Otherwise, our Sydney-based servers are fast and secure and should ensure a great experience while working within your browser!

What does Speckel do with my data?

While Speckel is a big supporter of correct specification and has many suppliers on our platform, your data related to your projects and design remains with you. We review broad analytics from time to time, such as how many walls have steel framing vs timber or the average thickness of a wall, but this is always anonymised. We do not sell data to any entity or intend to do so. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

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