Can I control my billing account information?

Absolutely. Once at the paid plan level, you can view your billing history and invoicing and change your contact details. You can also update your payment methods and cancel anytime in Teams.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by jumping into your Team on the Speckel platform.

Can I freeze or put my account on hold?

Absolutely. You can put your account on hold when projects go on hold, the summer construction break kicks in, or you don't need to use Speckel apps. We don't delete your Project data, so you can return to it when needed. To put your account on hold, jump into your billing area (under your Team) and click cancel. At this point, no payment will be taken from your account in the next monthly payment, and you will retain access on the Community level. To gain access to your Projects again and the Practice Level, you upgrade to the Practice Level in your Team.

Monthly billing on Speckel

We count a month as 30 days. So when committing to paying for a month, you get precisely that… 30 days of usage for that billing period. Suppose you decide to deactivate your billing after 10 days. You will continue on the paid plan for another 20 days before returning to our Community Level. Don’t worry… all project information continues to be retained. All you need to do is grab another 30 days at the paid plan level to continue working on your Projects when they are active again. This approach lets you control the billing and enables savings across the year!

Can I get temporary access to more extensive modelling capabilities?

If you find that your modelling needs have outgrown your current Essentials Plan and you want to upgrade to the Practice Plan, the process is simple. Navigate to the 'Subscription' section within your 'Team' settings and select 'Manage Plan'. From there, you can update your subscription to the Practice Plan and click 'Continue'. The unused value from your previous Essentials Plan will be credited towards your new Practice Plan. This approach offers complete flexibility, allowing you to adapt to temporary higher modelling requirements.

Can I downgrade my plan if my modelling requirements change?

Absolutely. The same process can be used for downgrading your plan. If your modelling needs decrease and you no longer require the Practice Plan, you can follow the steps above to switch back to the Essentials Plan. This flexibility ensures that you can effectively manage varying levels of modelling requirements as they arise.

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