Create a Team

Teams are the hub for all your Projects, providing a centralised location for project management. If billing applies to Essenitals, Practice or Enterprise Plans, a Team can be considered a single cost centre.

If you're part of an engineering or architectural office in Auckland, you can name your team 'Team Auckland' to reflect your location. In the example below, we have named the Team 'My First Team'. Teams should not be named after specific Projects or Individuals.


If someone in your office or business has already created a Team, find out who they are, and they can add you as a Team member.

When you set up a Team, it automatically becomes the Team Owner. As the Team Owner, you can invite Team Members to collaborate on Projects within the Team. To grant access to Projects outside of the Team Owner and Team Members, Team Guests can be invited.

🤓 Team Owner

It's your Team, and you are the super admin and in control of everything!

🧐 Team Member

Invite Team Members to your Team to review your Projects and Designs and collaborate on all Projects, including saving changes. The key difference between a Team Owner and Team Member is administration privileges.

🥳 Team Guest

Invite Guests to your Projects to review your Designs and collaborate. Guests cannot access your Team or other Projects and cannot save changes to a Design.

In most cases, users are connected to a single Team, typically the first one they create or the first Team they are invited to. If a Team has already been created within your company, contact the person who created it and ask them to invite you as a Team Member. Please note that access to multiple Teams is exclusively available with our Enterprise Plans.

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