Support Tickets

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Do you have a question, need assistance with a feature, or have a brilliant idea for a new feature? Open a support ticket on the platform, and we'll strive to respond within 24 hours. We value your feedback and are here to help!

From anywhere on the platform, navigate to the right of the top ribbon and locate the text 'Support'. Left-click, and a form will appear, providing various support avenues. Select 'Raise a Ticket' and provide the 'Subject', 'Description', and 'Type' (Feature Request or Technical Issue) of support. To assist, the current URL and your email address are collected automatically.

Support Types

⚙️Technical Support

Technical Support tickets primarily involve inputs/outputs from our workflows, addressing issues or potential bugs. We aim to respond within one working day, considering urgency.

🏗️ Project Support

A standard Project Support ticket entails requesting a brief review of a project or design, where a complexity has arisen in your workflow. All project requests require a minimum of three working days for completion.

💬 Feature Request

A Feature Request ticket is our way of gathering ideas to improve your delivery. We organise them, and if requested frequently and technically possible, we prioritise their implementation.

Support tickets undergo daily review, with responses typically within one working day. Project support necessitates a minimum of three working days for completion. To avoid waiting, please ensure you review our documentation. For more detailed Project Support, please consider our Workshops.

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