Add Plant HVAC

Plant HVAC is a centralised system that generates heating, cooling, or both distributed throughout a building to meet its thermal requirements. A typical HVAC plant could include components such as boilers, chillers, towers, heat exchangers, pumps, and other equipment that produce exchange or move thermal energy. It is connected to the rest of the building through a network of pipes (for hydronic systems) or ducts (for air systems).

Plant HVAC Options

Auxiliary Condenser Water Loop

The Auxiliary Condenser Water Loop facilitates heat transfer for water-to-air heat pumps. It comprises a supply side with heat exchangers and pumps.

Only available on Enterprise Plans. Please reach out to for further support.

Add Plant HVAC

To Add Plant HVAC, navigate to 'HVAC' and select the 'Add Plant HVAC' in the Schematic ribbon. Then, navigate to 'Type' and search for the desired system. See below for more details.

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