Energy Efficiency

Our Building Assessment approach, powered by EnergyPlus, offers comprehensive energy, emissions, and thermal comfort modelling for building code compliance in Australia and New Zealand, as well as LEED, Green Star, and more.

As part of our services, we provide 60-minute workshops to empower users to conduct complete H1 and JV3 assessments and generate automated reports. These workshops cover various aspects, including:

  • General assessments

  • Deemed-To-Satisfy evaluations

  • JV3 assessments

  • Thermal comfort analysis

  • Reporting on geometry

  • Drawing and plan integration

  • Grid management

  • Thermal zoning

  • Local and site shading analysis

  • Levels configuration

  • DXF export envelope functionality

  • Wall, roof and floor modelling

  • Glazing simulation

  • Profiles and schedules setup

  • HVAC system modelling

  • Modelling options customization

  • Reference assumptions configuration

  • Results interpretation

  • Reporting Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Informal certificate issuance

Through our workshops, users gain the knowledge and skills to perform thorough assessments and efficiently and accurately generate comprehensive reports.

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