Draw A Zone

A zone is an air-conditioned, tempered or non-conditioned thermal zone or space. It is drawn to the required dimension and has the same height as all other Zones drawn over the same Drawing.

First Zone

Navigate to the 'Draw Zones' symbol and select. Return to the drawing space to define your Zone by drawing each wall at a time. Before closing the Zone, hit Enter on your keyboard, give your Zone a title and click 'Set'. All Zone nodes must be connected to adjacent nodes when multiple Zones are drawn. The maximum number of nodes per zones is 60. Hold down 'Shift' to lock the axis to x and y coordinates to enable straight lines to be drawn over long lengths.

Adjacent Zone

Once we have drawn a Zone, we typically need another Zone next to it. First, select the previously drawn zone and then hold down 'shift' on your keyboard. You will then see a green square appear that enables you to target a point on the aspect and drop a node. The node is then dragged into place, where an adjacent zone is to interconnect with it. Select the new node and then hold down 'shift' to lock the axis to x and y coordinates when dragging. Once the node is in the correct position, select the 'Draw Zones' symbol in the ribbon and draw a second Zone connected to the first.

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