Use Tagging

Tagging is a workflow tool that allows quick material specification of the model within the Drawing space. Its primary application enables wall, floor, roof, glazing or shading specifications to be identified, tagged, and copied to another. Tagging is a key resource across the platform, saving work hours on every project.

Create a Tag

You can create as many Tags as you like to distribute the specifications for your project. In the example below, we create a single Tag called 'Wall System 1'. We highly recommend creating unique Tags that directly reference your drawings, as these are defined in our reporting. Don't forget to click 'Save'.

Specify a Tag

Once a Tag is created, it needs a specification. We assign a glazing specification to the previously created 'Wall System 1' tag in this example. Don't forget to click 'Save'.

Distribute a Tag

The final step is to distribute the Tag in the model space. Below, we navigate back to the Drawing and then select the Aspect to apply the tag. Selecting the Tag icon allows you to distribute the Tag to multiple Aspects at once. Once the total number of Aspects has been selected, hit 'Enter', and a form will appear with all Tags created. Then select the Tag you would like to distribute to the Aspect and Apply Tags.

Save and Copy to ...

Save and Copy to is a function to allow information at any aspect to be copied to other aspects within the Drawing space. Select any Tag to copy and navigate to the 'Save and Copy to' dropdown. Next, filter for the Tag you would like to copy, select the aspects you would like to copy it to and then select the Change you would like to make. Then hit 'Save and Copy to'.

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