Radiance V 5.2

Speckel uses the renowned open-source lighting engine, Radiance (version 5.2) to provide daylight simulations within our Building Assessment app.

For more information about Radiance, please visit radiance-online.org. Radiance has been tested again CIE 171:2006 Test cases to assess the accuracy of lighting computer programs. Test Results.

Radiance is used extensively by engineering firms for innovative solar control, lighting, and daylighting design to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. It offers complete flexibility in terms of scene geometry and materials and has been validated using detailed measurements.

In recent years, new Radiance developments have resulted in the capability to conduct an annual simulation in less than two minutes and significant improvements in accuracy when modelling anisotropic, light-scattering systems and materials that are common to many shading and daylighting devices.

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