Our Wall Systems approach, powered by EnergyPlus, allows users to simulate moisture assessments in compliance with the DA07/ASHRAE 160 requirements for building codes in Australia and New Zealand.

Our 60-minute workshops are designed to enable users to perform comprehensive moisture assessments and generate accurate reports. The workshops cover various aspects, including:

  • General understanding of moisture assessments

  • Materials selection and considerations

  • Verification pathways for compliance

  • Input parameters and data required for accurate assessments

  • Report generation and analysis

  • Orientation analysis for moisture control

  • Cavity ventilation strategies

  • Calculation of areas and volumes for moisture assessment

  • Evaluation of moisture loading

  • Moisture assessment metrics, including dew points, relative humidity, water content, and potential for mould growth

  • Interpretation of assessment results

  • Reporting Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Issuance of informal certificates

Participating in our workshops gives users the knowledge and skills to perform thorough moisture assessments, interpret the results, and efficiently generate comprehensive reports.

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