V2.6.2.2 Verification using a reference building

V2.6.2.2 Modelling on Speckel

Within NCC 2019 – Volume Two - Verification Method V2.6.2.2 can be used as a Performance Solution to meet the Performance Requirement P2.6.1 for a proposed design instead of using the optional energy rating or elemental approach in the DTS Provisions of Part 3.12.

While it is not mandatory to use a prescribed NCC Verification Method as an Assessment Method, it is generally recommended as it is clearer if a Performance Requirement has been met. Read more about the modelling method here.

Our V2.6.2.2 modelling approach is unique, where the reference building model and reporting are automated. This approach saves significant time and effort, enabling design optimisation to be the focal point. A typical residential building is simulated in less than an hour, including simulations and result.

Verification Method V2.6.2.2 is an alternative modelling process to NatHERS and can be adopted in some States and Territories as a viable compliance pathway. Speaking to an appropriate authority before seeking compliance via Verification Method V2.6.2.2 is recommended.

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