Update a Schedule

A Schedule is a time-based method to control the timing of various operations or conditions within a building simulation. Examples of operations or conditions where Schedules are used include:

  • The occupancy of a building or a particular space within the building.

  • The setpoint temperatures for heating and cooling systems.

  • The operation of lights, equipment, and appliances.

  • The operation of HVAC systems.

A time step can be as short as a few minutes or as long as an hour. Each value in the schedule corresponds to a specific condition or level of operation for that time step. Typically, they are set at the building code or with rating tool modelling methodologies. When creating a Project, typical Schedules are defined based on the building code being adopted. These can be updated and changed as required.

Updating a Schedule

To update a Schedule, navigate to 'Spaces' and select the 'Default' Space. Then, select 'Update' to display the hourly schedule for Occupants, Lights, Equipment, HVAC, and Thermostats. Other Schedules may also be available subject to the workflow being undertaken. Next, select the Schedule you would like to update the hour (0 - 1) or On/OFF timestep. Click 'Update' when completed.

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