Add Roof Glazing

Roof glazing, otherwise known as clerestory glazing. Typically, Roof glazing refers to using windows in the upper section of a building, usually above eye level. These windows are often used in the design of buildings to allow natural light to penetrate deeper into the spaces below.

To add Roof glazing, we first need to have drawn a Roof. Next, select Levels on the left side and locate any Level with a Roof. Now, left-click any roof zone aspect in the drawing space. This will then allow two key functions. Roof glazing and eaves.

To add Roof glazing, under Envelope, left-click 'Select Glazing' and select either 'As Concept' or 'As Default'. Once selected, a new tab called 'Window Placement' will be revealed. Navigate to 'Window Placement', where offsets from the left, right, top, bottom, top, and bottom roof lines are provided. Where Roof glazing or clerestory glazing is included within a design, they must be connected to a projected zone underneath.

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