Water-cooled Package Unit

A water-cooled package unit is a type of HVAC system that utilises water for cooling purposes. It typically consists of a cooling coil, water loop, pump, and controls. The cooling coil removes heat from the air by exchanging it with water circulating through the system. The water loop circulates water between the cooling coil and external heat rejection equipment, such as a cooling tower or chiller. The pump ensures proper water flow, while controls regulate the system's operation based on building cooling demands.

It is composed of:

The 'Select HVAC Template' form enables you to configure the system to:

  • Connect Hot Water Loop to Plant

  • Connect Central Air Handing Unit to Zone/s

  • Connect single or multiple Air Handing Units

  • Choice of Spaces

Only available on Enterprise Plans. Please reach out to support@speckel.io for further support.

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