Plans and Trials

What is the Enterprise plan?

Launching in February 2023, the Enterprise Plan has been created with larger, multi-location teams (up to 20 seats) in mind. It’s intended for those integrating Speckel across the entire business and needing greater project management visibility. For those wanting to know more, please Book a Demo or keep an eye out for the launch.

Are the Australian and New Zealand Speckel platforms the same?

The Australian and New Zealand platforms are entirely separate, offering similar features but differing local building code requirements calculations. For our New Zealand-based customers, we will transfer your account from the Australian platform to the New Zealand platform in early February 2022.

What’s in a Demo?

Anything you like. Demos are provided for 20 minutes and can be booked at a time and date that suits you. They are intended as an open forum for new customers to ask questions or get further guidance on using our platform.

Are inductions included within my paid subscription plan?

Once at the paid subscription plan (annual), one of the team will arrange for an introduction to run through some of the great features on the platform after you have signed up. For the Essentials Plan, a 1.5-hour induction is included. For the Practice Plan, a 3-hour induction is included. For those on the Enterprise Plan, the induction is subject to the size of the team and the regions in which the team operates.

Do you offer CPD points?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates are issued for all attendees when required. A question and answer session is run at the end of each workshop, requiring CPD to access specific learning outcomes.

How much does it cost to create a project on Speckel?

As of February 2023, we provide four access plans, Community, Essentials, Practice and Enterprise. The community is free to create projects with limited features. Essentials are for smaller teams (> three seats) focused on residential projects (< 1000 m²). Practice is for larger teams (5 seats) with a focus on residential and commercial projects (< 30,000 m²). Enterprise is for national or multinational teams with project management and large computing requirements.

Do I need to download Speckel to use it?

Nope. We are 100% in the cloud. So no downloading, sharing licences, VPN hacks, upgrade management or software bugs that remain for years. You only need an internet connection and a Chrome-based web browser to run.

Do I have to commit to 12 months?

Absolutely not. When we state a month-by-month cost, we mean it — no ongoing commitments to periods that may not include active usage. If you are working on other activities or want to turn it off over the summer when you are more interested in what’s happening at the beach, no problems! That being said, 12-month commitments are rewarded with 20% savings, so once you are comfortable with Speckel, consider committing to a more cost-efficient solution.

Is Speckel free to use?

Yes. We encourage you to enjoy our platform using the dozens of free features for general use. We ask for your name and email address to register you as a user, but that’s about it. While you will get great value, upgrading to our paid plans will only offer certain features and capabilities.

What is the Community Llan subscription, and is it right for me?

The Community Plan allows life cycle and thermal bridging assessments to be undertaken for free.

Can we share paid subscriptions across different offices?

100%. A paid subscription is not tethered to an office environment. It is tethered to a Team created in the cloud. So we don't care where the members of that Team are. You could have two of your Melbourne team members and three of your Brisbane team on one Practice Plan subscription.

Where and when do I pay for projects?

Payments are all made on the Speckel platform. Once you are signed in, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

How many people can be included in the Speckel Practice Plan?

If you sign-up for the Practice Level, you can add up to 5 people to the Team, so everyone within the Team gets all the features on Speckel. If you need more, you might want to consider our Enterprise plan.

Is Speckel free for students?

Yes. 100% free. Sign up with your student account, and we will cover the rest.

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