Set Infiltration

Infiltration refers to the process by which outside air enters a building through cracks, gaps, and other unintentional openings in the building envelope. This can significantly impact the building's energy use, especially heating and cooling. Infiltration can be influenced by several factors, such as:

Building construction: High-quality construction with tight sealing can minimize infiltration, while lower-quality construction can have higher levels of infiltration.

Weather conditions: Wind, temperature, and pressure differences between the inside and outside of a building can drive infiltration.

Infiltration may not be available in some workflows in a building code that determines it is not included.

Infiltration (ACH) or (m³/m².hr)

To define Infiltration in (ACH) or (m³/m².hr), navigate to 'Spaces' and select the 'Default' Space. Then navigate to 'Infiltration'. Next, use the Infiltration (On) and Infiltration (Off) sliders to set the ACH or m³/m².hr for the Space.

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