Select a Layout

A Layout is a determined set of materials prebuilt to represent a Wall, Roof or Floor System. These are either directly provided by suppliers, generic and provided by Speckel or built by you.

Supplier Template

Where a supplier has agreed on the content of a Wall, Roof or Floor System template, either the template best represents the testing of a Wall, Roof or Floor System or how their products are intended to be used. Sometimes, a supplier template can have materials locked in specific positions to ensure they're specified correctly. Others are entirely unlocked so that all materials can be updated.

Typical Template

When generic templates are selected under 'Typical Templates' and represent standard construction solutions are available. As a generic template, they are all unlocked and thus allow all material assumptions to be updated for maximum flexibility.

Empty Template

An empty template, as the name suggests, has no material information. Its purpose is for those that want to build a Wall, Roof or Floor System from scratch and will typically be adopted where supplier templates and typical templates don't provide a templated solution.

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