Speckel simplifies the modelling of HVAC systems through predefined EnergyPlus templates. These templates offer predefined configurations for common HVAC systems, reducing input complexity. Users can select a template based on their building type and HVAC requirements, streamlining the simulation process. While templates provide a quick start, users retain the flexibility to customize parameters for specific needs, making them an efficient tool for preliminary energy assessments.

We also enable users to engage in detailed energy modelling for a comprehensive understanding of HVAC performance. This involves specifying individual components and their characteristics, such as chillers, boilers, and air handlers. This level of granularity enables precise simulation, accounting for the intricacies of the HVAC system. While more involved, detailed energy modelling provides a thorough analysis, allowing users to optimize system efficiency, assess thermal comfort, and refine building designs for optimal energy performance.

Many HVAC are only available on Enterprise Plans. Only applicable HVAC features will be available if on Community, Essentials or Practice and are in a dedicated workflow (Such as H1 / VM1 or J1V3). Please reach out to support@speckel.io for further support.

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