Design Day Reports


The heating output variable signifies the actual Watts of sensible heating provided to the zone in the reported timestep.


The cooling output variable signifies the actual Watts of sensible cooling provided to the zone in the reported timestep.


The lighting output variable quantifies the cumulative heat gain from all lights in the zone. It's the sum of return air heat gain, radiant heat gain, visible heat gain, and convective heat gain. This total equates to the electrical input to the lights.


The equipment output variable denotes the overall heating energy from electric equipment per zone.


The people output variables represent the sensible heat gain from individuals in the zone. It considers the number of people and their energy production per the activity schedule. An internal algorithm determines the sensible and latent fractions. The sum of sensible and latent heat gain equals the specified total input.


The solar output variable represents the combined beam and diffuse solar radiation entering a zone through exterior windows. It's the sum of two variables: "Surface Window Transmitted Beam Solar Radiation Rate" and "Surface Window Transmitted Diffuse Solar Radiation Rate."

Glazing Gain

The glazing gain output variable represents the total heat flow to the zone from an exterior window's glazing, frame, and divider when the total heat flow is positive. The total window heat flow is the sum of solar and conductive gain to the zone from the window.

Glazing Loss

The glazing loss output variable signifies the absolute value of the total heat flow through an exterior window when the total heat flow is negative. Refer to the definition of "total heat flow" under "Surface Window Heat Gain Rate" for context.

Wall Gain

See below.

Wall Loss

The wall loss output variables depict conduction heat flow at the inside face of an opaque surface. Positive values indicate conduction from just inside toward the inside face, while negative values indicate conduction into the core. Inside face conduction, when positive, doesn't signify heat flow to the zone air; the inside face convection coefficient and temperature difference determine this.

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